COVID-19 Dashboard

During the Board of Education meeting on Thursday, August 6th, district leaders reiterated Huntsville City Schools' ongoing commitment to transparency regarding positive COVID-19 cases that impact HCS schools and facilities.  Initially, the district launched a facility impact page to note school buildings and facilities impacted by individuals exhibiting symptoms or positive test results for the virus. 

This new COVID-19 Dashboard replaces and enhances that information by providing not only the most recent dates facilities were impacted by COVID-19, but also the total number of quarantined individuals and positive cases for each school and for the district at large.

Positive cases are addressed and assessed on an individual basis, and HCS personnel will respond to these situations by following guidance from the Alabama Department of Public Health.  Some situations and conditions may warrant a school closure and temporary transition to remote learning.  In the event this occurs, those closed school facilities will be notated below.

Standardized safety procedures which will occur for each positive case may include: the impacted individual self-quarantining, disinfecting at the school or facility, and any persons with a direct exposure to a person testing positive for COVID-19 self-isolating per ADPH guidelines from the last date of exposure.  A direct exposure is classified as any person within 6 feet of a person for a least 15 minutes. In the event a student, staff, or faculty member presents with major symptoms generally associated with COVID-19, the school will respond as if it were a positive COVID-19 test.

In the event of a positive case, all persons with potential exposure will be notified directly.

 HCS COVID-19 Update

Data on the table below is accurate as of 3:00PM the previous school day.
The table will be updated each school day by 12:00PM CST.

SchoolTotal Student
# Traditional
Students & Staff
# Quarantined*
(Past 14 Days)
# Positive Cases
(Past 14 Days)
Date Individual
Last On Campus
AAA ES40928510110/27/2020
AAA MS2551459110/28/2020
ASFL ES3312313110/26/2020
ASFL MS2291345110/25/2020
Blossomwood ES6064786010/28/2020
Chaffee ES3713055110/20/2020
Challenger ES4603537110/29/2020
Challenger MS49332616110/28/2020
Chapman ES1471515110/26/2020
Chapman MS3792483010/26/2020
Columbia HS89260251510/30/2020
Dawson ES42236500---
Farley ES34526113010/28/2020
Goldsmith Schiffman ES8917155110/27/2020
Grissom HS1891131039410/29/2020
Hampton Cove ES6475184110/29/2020
Hampton Cove MS7075795010/29/2020
Highlands ES4113202010/21/2020
Huntsville HS1836131934410/28/2020
Huntsville Jr. HS4943351010/23/2020
Jemison HS83155919310/29/2020
Jones Valley ES4393505110/27/2020
Lakewood ES4443312010/22/2020
Lee HS7304309210/29/2020
Martin Luther King Jr. ES46736400---
McDonnell ES4573958010/29/2020
McNair Jr. HS4222696010/27/2020
Monte Sano ES2432241010/27/2020
Montview ES1931392010/19/2020
Morris ES5194112010/26/2020
Morris MS4703625010/22/2020
Mountain Gap ES3302664110/16/2020
Mountain Gap MS4633238110/27/2020
New Century Technology HS4752455110/28/2020
Providence ES77754810110/28/2020
Ridgecrest ES5084245110/26/2020
Rolling Hills ES4683922110/23/2020
Sonnie Hereford ES6044472110/27/2020
Weatherly ES4783514010/28/2020
Whitesburg ES34425800---
Whitesburg MS6034053110/27/2020
Williams ES4573479110/27/2020
Williams MS5883662310/28/2020

*Quarantined count includes those with major and minor symptoms in addition to those with direct exposure to a positive COVID-19 case.

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