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AAA Rockers

AAA Rockers is an after-school program that will give kids the opportunity to play in pop and rock ensembles. Students will learn the basics of song construction and ensemble playing while having fun doing it! All proficiency levels are welcome, and all instruments are needed. We will especially need drummers, vocalists, guitarists, bassists and keyboardists. We will meet for one and a half hours once a week at AAA after school at 3:30pm. Local musicians and performers will join us on occasion and show us how the pros do it. Come join the fun!

How to Join / Membership Requirements: 
What you need: An instrument (low-cost rentals available. if needed) and desire to perform.
What is provided: Rehearsal equipment (microphones, ampfifiers, drum kit. and keyboard) and rehearsal coach.
Other Info: 
Because ensembles depend on all members, you will be expected to attend rehearsals regularly. More than three missed rehearsals will be evaluated for continued participation.