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Weekly update from Mr. Bonner

Dear AAA Families, 

     Being a Magnet School involves many challenges.  Among them is developing requirements that make us distinctive from non-magnet schools.  As an Arts school, our curriculum has expectations that are different from the standards required where the core classes are the priority.  In other words, the Arts at AAA are not extracurricular.  The syllabi presented from the performing arts at the beginning of each semester have parents sign agreements that say that performances play a significant role in grades. Our student body is very talented and passionate about their talent.  We realize that this means students have performance opportunities outside of school that could further their growth in their chosen art from theater to dance.  However, as an Arts school, performance is an important commitment to what AAA has to offer. We cannot compromise when outside activities conflict with our performances.  Therefore, it is important to understand that when parents sign the syllabi agreeing to the requirements for a good grade, that there is an understanding that this a is a commitment to perform at AAA.  We do understand that outside arts participation has requirements as well. Yet, we cannot make exceptions for our performance expectations due to the impact exceptions make on the quality of our performances and student learning. 

      Arts are core, not extra-curricular, at AAA. As such we believe that this offers the best opportunity for student success.  Please understand that our adherence to the commitment required for students to participate in our performances is not merely a stubborn insistence to comply to our rules.  Performance is a key component to learning and growing artistically at AAA.  Signing a commitment to these performances is necessary for our plays and dance recitals to be successful.



Paul Bonner


Academy for Academics and Art