AAA Elementary Temporary Transition to Remote Learning

Out of an abundance of caution, AAA Elementary will temporarily transition to remote learning with multiple students and staff members self-quarantining.  The remote learning period will begin on Monday, Sept. 21, 2020 and last through Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2020. Students and staff members will return on Thursday, Oct. 1, 2020. Instruction will occur as it did during the remote learning period at the beginning of the school year before non-HVA students returned to in-person learning. Families who may have any questions are invited to contact their student’s teacher and principal.

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Public school dance provides students the opportunity to involve themselves actively in dance as a creative art.  The primary emphasis is on the creative process as a means of communication and personal expression. In the early years, students explore the body as the instrument of dance, and movement as a form of expression. Students begin a sequential program of progression guided by exploration of movement. Each child participates at his own level of skill and understanding in a positive and nurturing environment.

Primary/Early Childhood Dance (K-5)

Children's dance for the early childhood years is centered around the child's exploration of the body as the instrument for dance, and movement as a mode of self-expression, communication and understanding. Exploring time, space and energy, the basic components of dances, help students to interpret sounds and forces, give rhythmical responses and organize sequences and patterns. The individual works with a group and alone, learning to make decisions about his space and actions.

Intermediate Dance (4-6)

Dance study at the intermediate level continues the emphasis began in the K-3 level on the child's exploration of dance as a mode of self-expression and communication.  Continued involvement of the creative process, and expanded vocabulary and a refinement of motor skills contribute to the child's capabilities in dance.  Exposure to the study of dance heritage begins to reinforce dance as a means of expression throughout history.

Middle School Dance (7-8)

In addition to the continuation of emphasis upon dance from a creative approach, emphasis is also given to developing an awareness of social and contemporary forms of dance.  More exposure and consideration is given to different styles and techniques of dance and their development throughout history.  Contributions of outstanding choreographers and dancers are studied.  The treatment of ideas, images, symbols and feelings in dance becomes more precise.  The students learn to make discriminating choices, which help to perfect their interpretation, as they participate in various dance experiences, such as ballet, modern and jazz dance