AAA Elementary Temporary Transition to Remote Learning

Out of an abundance of caution, AAA Elementary will temporarily transition to remote learning with multiple students and staff members self-quarantining.  The remote learning period will begin on Monday, Sept. 21, 2020 and last through Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2020. Students and staff members will return on Thursday, Oct. 1, 2020. Instruction will occur as it did during the remote learning period at the beginning of the school year before non-HVA students returned to in-person learning. Families who may have any questions are invited to contact their student’s teacher and principal.

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The AAA Strings program offers a curriculum-coordinated continuous and consistent design for magnet students from second through eighth grade. Students are provided stringed instrument training with the “Explorations” combined traditional Suzuki method on violin as their initial experience with the family of bowed orchestra stringed instruments. They are then encouraged to, and most often, continue through each of the next ensemble levels in the complete program.

Music and educational research is actively showing that the specific violin-related left-hand tactile and physical, aural coordination training stimulates the opening of neural pathways which are best reached before age nine. By fourth grade, the motivated and well-supported Academy strings student is involved with fully composed and arranged string orchestra music in practice, rehearsal, and performance. After elementary school, students are interviewed in order to earn a spot in the Middle School Orchestra program.