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4/15/19 Weekly Update from Mr. Bonner

Dear AAA Families,

            This week is the week for our Alabama Scantron tests.  Please make sure your children are here on time rested and ready! The best thing we can do for student improvement is help put their mind at ease.  Although the results are important it is vital that students are not stressed as they work on these tests. If it is necessary for you to check your child out early during the week, it is important that this not happen until after 11:30 a.m.  If a student is checked out before 11:30, this could result in a mis-administration and this student could have to take the test over.  We have a heavier testing regimen this spring that includes not only Scantron and STAR, but the baseline test for the ACAP (Next year’s Alabama test) the week of May 7th. 

            We are concerned about a prevalence of students consuming significant amounts of powdered packets intended to be mixed with water.  Not only do these mix packets contain a great deal of sugar, but they are designed to mix with water before consumption.  There is meaningful evidence that these powders for drinks can be harmful to the digestive track if they are not first mixed with water.  We ask that you help us end this practice at school. Please have your children keep these drink mixes at home.  We are seeing students with numerous packets of these mixes in their back packs. 

           As we move into our last six weeks we want to make sure everyone understands check-in procedures for event and student check out for early release.  Please sign in at the front office whenever you come to visit the school.  This includes events on the fields around the gym such as our upcoming Fun Day.  It is also important that students who leave early are signed out at the office.   

            ONLINE Registration for ALL students will close on July 15, 2019 and all parents/guardians will have to come in to register their children with Proof of Residence.  Please complete your registration as early as possible.  Submit your proof of residence, via your registration, sent in with you child, emailed to, faxed to (256) 428-7601, or brought in personally.  If you did not move, all we need is a recent (within the last month) cable, utility or land line phone bill.  If you did move, we also need a lease, deed or mortgage.  These documents must have a custodial parent’s name on it or you will also need to do one of our affidavits and have a recent official piece of mail going to that address with their name on it.   

            Six weeks to go! We have numerous events and activities, not to mention school work.  I have enjoyed working with the Students at AAA this year.  I look forward to further adventures in the future.  Please do not hesitate to email me at should you ever have a question.



Paul Bonner