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Cherise Albright

Cherise Albright is a native of Huntsville, Alabama, and a graduate of Lee High School. At Lee, she found her voice through a non-verbal art form: Photography. Cherise has been a competitive gymnast and coach, managing editor of a community newspaper, columnist for an arts and entertainment newspaper, landscape designer specializing in indigenous plants and watershed, and teacher. Her most important job is parent to two children.
B.A. University of Montevallo, English and history
BS.Ed Athens State University, Language Arts and history
M.A. University of South Alabama, Gifted Education
Class B, Secondary Language Arts and history
Class A, K-12, Gifted Education
256-428-7600, ext. 0235
Social Studies
For the past eleven years, Cherise has worked at the Academy for Academics and Arts here in Huntsville. Throughout her teaching career, she’s taught journalism, remedial reading, Honors high school English, gifted ed classes, and world history—spanning K-12th grades. She’s taught at Bob Jones High School, Lee High School, and at Chapman Middle School. Currently, she is the magnet curriculum specialist for creative and performing arts and magnet coordinator for the Academy for Academics and Arts as well as a middle school history teacher.