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Dianna Harper

My name is Dianna Harper, and I have had the privilege of working with children for many years. My career in education began in Mississippi, before my husband's job brought us to Huntsville. Over the span of my career, I have worked with grade levels spanning from kindergarten through seniors in high school. I feel that each child is a gift, and that I am blessed to have had each of my former and present students as a part of my life.
Mississippi State University-Bachelor's Degree
University of West Alabama-Master's Degree
University of Alabama Birmingham-Post Graduate Certification
Issued on 7/27/2016
Class A, School Psychometrist (087)
Grade Level: P-12
School Psychometrist (033)

Issued on 3/19/2003
Class A, Special Education (047)
Grade Level: P-12
Specific Learning Disability (0H8)

Issued on 1/13/2003
Class B, Special Education (048)
Grade Level: P-12
Mild Learning/Behavior Disabilities (0X1)
Special Education