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Ms. Mary Vande Voorde

My name is Ms. Vande Voorde and I go by the nickname V2 as I have 2 V's in my name and am called MsV usually; however, my name sounds too much like our Principals nick-name Mrs.V, so I have taken the square root of my name instead which is "V " "squared"=V2
I have taught art for many years working in other states like Florida and Arizona. When I started teaching art in Huntsville I taught art to 9-12th graders at Butler High School then moved over to the Academy for Academics and Arts teaching K-8. Currently, I am teaching Middle School Visual Arts and 3D Art to 6-8th graders @AAA.

Besides teaching art I have worked in many Arts related careers such as....Working as a Raku artist and Potter selling Art in Art Museums and in Art shows.
I have also worked as a Custom Ceramic Artist and have sold work in shops and Galleries.
Working as a jeweler provided me with the opportunities to be a custom wax designer and caster and master solderer. I would resize rings, solder gold chains, re-tip diamonds and make new jewelry pieces out of old jewelry that people wanted melted down and made into new pendants and rings.
Making Gold Crowns and Porcelain Teeth as a Dental Laboratory technician was another way that I used my sculpting abilities to carve wax, finish gold, and stack porcelain as i put my degree in Jewelry and Metal sculptures to good use with that Dental Laboratory technologist Degree.
Sculpting Concrete sculptures and making tables and large sculptures often as Dolphin or Sea Turtle Mailboxes was another job that I had that used my sculpting skills to carve foam in 3D after drawing sketches in 2D.
Pizza Making was another job I had during college and I worked as a Crew Chief and preped dough in Giant agurs and cut veggies for salad bar at a chef's rapid pace and was the fastest pizza cutter in the midwest with my Pizza knife or a slicer.
All of these artistic jobs have helped me to develop my Art skills and to see art from many perspectives in the world.

I have a husband that works for MDA and MEI and Missle Defense as an Independent contractor on the Arsenal as well as a traveling manager of several programs.
My son is going to school at The University of Florida and is in Computer and Engineering classes on an Academic scholarship.
My hobbies are spinning, swimming, yoga, lifting weights, working out, hiking, and taking my doxie for walks.
I love nature and am an environmental activist for many causes for our Earth. I love doing art, caramics, painting, sculpting, veiwing art and making art. You will see me supporting Panoply and at Arts Events. My new art form is playing with my camera and Prisma and drawing in 3D with Virtual Reality.
MEd University of Central Florida = Masters of Art Ed
University of Iowa = Degree in Art and Degree in Art Ed
Certified in Alabama and Arizona to teach Art K-12