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Elizabeth Brandon

This is my 13th year to teach, and I love teaching world languages and world cultures to your children. I will meet your child wherever it is that we need to begin our journey together. All of my students learn, even if it is at a different pace or in a different manner. In French classes we sing; we eat; we listen to music and play games. However, we also tackle complex problems. In our Globalization and Sustainability unit we analyze French-speaking countries in Africa such as Cameroon. We study weather patterns of Cameroon as well as terrain, economy, political stability, and natural resources. This year's students determined that Cameroon lacked infrastructure to transport and sell metals on the global market. Students theorized that Elon Musks Hyperloop could solve many problems with transportation in Cameroon. As you can see, we do so much more than just speak French, but we do that too!
Psychometry certification, UAB
Deuxième Degré, Université de Stendhal, Grenoble, France
Masters of Arts in Teaching, UAB
B.A. degree, University of Alabama
Psychometry, ESL, French K-12, French 7-12, English 7-12,
256 520-1537
Fine Arts/Foreign Language
Seven years teaching middle school
Three years teaching high school
Three years teaching elementary school