12-03-20 Updates Regarding Cybersecurity Threat

The district has released additional information regarding the cybersecurity threat, which includes the current plan for students, staff, and faculty to return to schools and offices.  Please use the more information button below to access the updated information.

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Ms. Debra Sloan

I have a number of interests and hobbies. I like to do all sorts of arts and crafts. My latest obsession is refurbishing the old into the new. I bring life back into old furniture and make it new again. I like to paint and do some home decorating. You will see me at art and craft fairs and shows looking for new ideas.

I love all kinds of pets, except maybe reptiles (because I don't know any), but I do not currently own any pets. I am a supporter of no-kill animal shelters and support laws against animal cruelty. I feel it is important to have your pets spayed and/or neutered so that animal populations are not out of control.

I am an advocate for children. I believe that all children should be brought up in a safe and nurturing environment. I believe they all have the right to live free, grow, and nurture their talents, and I hope that I play a part in that as an educator.
BS Elementary Education, Athens State University
ALSDE Class-B Bachelor of Science Elementary Education grades 1-6
256-428-7000 ext 147
I have been a teacher in Huntsville City Schools since 2002. I graduated from Athens State University in 1997 with a BS in Elementary Education. I taught at Montview Elementary for 16 years and I transferred to ASFL in 2018. I have taught all grades from first to fifth during my career and have also served as a Title One At-risk teacher and ARI Reading coach.