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Andy Blalock

6 years Experience at Academy for Science & Foreign Language teaching 7th/8th Grade Science.
B.S. Biology at University of North Alabama
I now enjoy teaching at ASFL and I am very blessed to have purchased a home in Athens, AL on 60 acres where I run my own business. My home, also called "Grassland Ranch," is an equine business that is home to over 40 horses, 8 of which are mine and the others belong to clients who board their horses at the ranch and use our facilities to ride. At the ranch we also run a program for horse riding lessons where students enjoy learning to ride horses after school, and during the summer. Our lesson instructor works with each student one on one and in a group setting, and we are mentors to listen to them and give them the blessing of riding as I did when I was growing up. My goal is to provide them with a memorable childhood experience similar to mine when my horses were often my conselors and my therapists