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ASFL New Dismissal Options

During the past two weeks, Mrs. Greer has had several meetings with the Huntsville City Schools transportation department and the Huntsville Police Department.  Due to this, w are makinkg several changes to our dismissal procedures beggining, Thursday, August 31, 2017.

Please select one of the following dismissal options for your child:

  1. Front door car rider – Students in grades K-8 will be seated in front of the school by the front doors.  Please place a sign with your child’s name on it in your front window.  Mrs. Greer or another teacher will call for students to come to their cars.  Cars should line up on Porter Street.  Please get at the end of the line.  Do not turn left onto Porter from Mastin Lake Road.
  2. Middle School Car rider – Students in grades 6-8 will be seated in front of the middle school side of the building.  Middle school students with elementary siblings should wait in the Front door car line.  Elementary students may not wait on the middle school side.  Parents will enter car line from Mastin Lake Road in front of the middle school. Please place a sign with your child’s name on it in your front window. 
  3. Tall Timbers – Students in grades K-5 will be seated on the benches in between the gym and the kindergarten building.  Parents may park on Tall Timbers Circle.  Parents will walk to the elementary covered sidewalk and pick up their child.  The parent will walk their child to his/her car on Tall Timbers.  Do not block driveways or mailboxes.  During rainy days, these students will be front door car riders.
  4. Extended Day – Students who are enrolled in after school care will go to the extended day teachers.
  5. Do not park in the parking lot unless you have a parking pass.  Parking passes are for Pre K parents and special needs parents.

Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.  We want a safe environment for our students each day.