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Andrea Ware

Mrs. Ware has been married for 26 years. She has three grown children and two dogs. Teaching and learning from children helps her grow into a better person. Growing up in Southern California, just miles from Disneyland and bicycle riding distance from the beach, she has always loved people and learning. As the mother of both gifted and struggling students, she has learned a lot from her mistakes to pass on to others. She has been room mom, tutor, substitute teacher, then in PTA: events coordinator, legislative rep, and president. The whole child is the most important to her. She wants them to love to learn and love to read for the rest of their life. She has traveled to a few countries and loves to share her experiences and open up the world to children. She believes that we do not have to like people to be kind to them, and her students learn quickly never giving up or being kind is the best way to live!
Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, Huntingdon College
Class B, Elementary, Grade Level: K-6