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Principal's Message 12-13-21

Dear Blossomwood Families,  

We are looking forward to another fun-filled week of learning! Last week our kindergarten through fifth grade students completed their mid-year STAR Reading and STAR Math assessments, and our sixth grade students will do the same the second week of January. This week we will have a holiday theme each day as we complete the grading period and first semester. 

Upcoming Dates:

December 16 - PTA Meeting & Winter Sing-A-Long  at 6 pm (Grades K, 1, & 2 will sing - BES Cafeteria)
December 17 - Winter Holiday Parties (More Information will come from your child's homeroom teacher. Please no homemade food items.)
December 17 - Jingle Bell Run
December 17 - Last Day of Grading Period
December 20. - January 4 - Winter Holidays (No School)

Jingle Bell Run:

More thank 20 years ago, a tradition was started with the very first Jingle Bell Run at Blossomwood Elementary by Dr. Cathy Vasile! Since then, students have been encouraged to read, read, and read some more during the month of December.  For example, each time a student finishes reading a book in December and makes an 80% or higher on the Accelerated Reader test for that book, he/she receives a ticket. Then, on December 17 we will be drawing tickets to award more than 100 prizes! The prizes will include gift cards, toys, earbuds, books, puzzles, and more!

Grandparent Readers Needed:

As you may be aware, Blossomwood has always had a strong reputation of possessing one of the most active group of grandparents that read to our kindergarten, first and second grade students. If you know of a grandparent that would like to become more involved, please reach out to either our PTA or our parent coordinator, Mrs. Ashley Fitzgerald.

Overview of the BES House System:

As part of our Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS), this school year we are implementing a structure called "House Systems" which several of our teachers have learned about from a similar structure from the Ron Clark Academy, and our sixth grade teachers piloted the program the last couple of years with success. Therefore, we wanted to try expanding it to the entire school.

The main function of the house system is to develop a sense of identity or belonging and to celebrate achievements. Schools with a structure or system like this cite the positive impact it has on the educational experience and school culture. Students report how it helps them form friendships and closer bonds with peers, and teachers share that students seem to enjoy seeing a connection with students in other classrooms as well as other grade levels. As a school, we also believe our new House System supports our school mission statement and vision.

During the first week of school or upon enrollment, all of our students and staff have the opportunity to digitally "spin" the wheel to randomly sort each student into one of four groups or houses — Emerald, Garnet, Onyx, or Sapphire. In addition, thanks to the support of our PTA, each child also received a "House" t-shirt.

Our House System is designed to:

  1. Create school-wide community by creating opportunities for students to connect to staff and students in other classes and grades that share their house. Older students become natural leaders by mentoring and supporting younger students. Mentoring also extends to teachers and school staff members who are also assigned to a house.
  2. Create a culture of belonging as students are recognized for accomplishments both academically as well as their choices related to behavior.
  3. Emphasize building character through a reward system that goes beyond earning a piece of candy for doing something good. Each individual achievement adds to the collective house/group, making the reward hopefully more meaningful and social.
  4. Provide opportunities to praise and accentuate positives for both individual students and collective groups of students.

House Point Totals as of December 1:

Congratulations to all of our students for making good choices and helping to build the house point totals!

Sapphire House - 23, 556 points
Emerald House - 23, 904 points
Onyx House - 23,921 points
Garnet House - 24,040 points

PBIS House Champions for November:

Emerald House Champions:

Ryan White
Kolton Good
Arianna Scott
Emma Harwood

Sapphire House Champions:

Khalid Sharif
Baylee Griffen

Garnet House Champions:

William Johnson
Charlie Vowell
Ella Stubblefield

Onyx House Champions:

Lula Rogers
Ella Grace Curtis
Milli Duke
Sean Hartman
Knox Paque

Quick reminder - If your child is missing a jacket, coat, sweatshirt, etc., please encourage them to check the lost & found located outside the cafeteria.  hanks again for all that you do at home to make Blossomwood a great place for learning!​

Bradley A. Scott, Ed.D.