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Chaffee Superstars at the Autumn Chase Fun Run

Remington Allen (4th-grade student) and brother Sawyer Allen (1st-grade student), represented Chaffee at the Autumn Chase Fun Run on September 22, 2022. Remington received 3rd place in the fourth grade boys category and and Sawyer recieved 10th place in the first grade boys category. The annual Autumn Chase Fun Run has been a 1-mile fun run promoting healthy habits in our community's youth through running with a local philanthropic impact! This event was free. All Preschool, Elementary & Middle (PreK-8th) school-age children were welcome.

School Faculty also joined in the fun and were encouraged to promote this event throughout their school to get all children engaged.

The Huntsville Delta Zeta Alumnae Chapter along with Huntsville Track Club, provided our community the opportunity to get outside and give all children PreK-8 in the Huntsville and surrounding areas the chance the run for the Autumn Chase Fun Run. Thank you, Remington and Sawyer for making great Chaffee choices outside of school! We're proud of you!