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Challenger Elementary
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13555 Chaney Thompson Rd. SE
Blue Ribbon School

Back to School Reminders

Welcome back to Challenger! Here are some reminders to the school year to help make it the best year yet. We need your help with safety. In order to keep ALL students safe as they arrive and depart everyday, we need YOU to follow all of our guidelines while on campus.

Please make sure you are doing the following in the morning:

  • Be nice.
  • Drive 5 miles an hour.
  • Use lanes 1 and 3 to drop off students. Students need to exit from the passenger side.
  • DO NOT drop students off in the parking lot. This is extremely dangerous.
  • DO NOT park in the handicap spaces unless you have a handicap sticker or have a student with special needs, and have made that arrangement with the teacher and front office.
  • Do not use the cell phone while driving on school property.
  • Do not smoke on school property.

Please make sure you are doing the following in the afternoon:

  • Be nice
  • Drive 5 miles an hour.
  • Use lanes 1 and 3 to pick up students. Students need to enter the car on the passenger side.
  • Use the Visor Name Tag we sent home the first week of school or make one of your own. Put the child’s name and grade level on the paper and display it on your visor or dash.
  • Pull all the way forward in lane 1. We will bring your child to you.
  • Do not exit your car. We will help your child get into the car.
  • Lane 2 & 4 drivers need to allow cars from lane 1 & 3 to merge into the exit lines.
  • The front entrance is ONLY for students being picked up while parents are driving through. If you prefer to park and walk up to get your child, your child should be a GYM DOOR walker. This prevents unintended distractions in the car lane. PLEASE let your teacher know if your child will be a GYM DOOR walker if you plan to park and get your child.
  • Do not use your cell phone while driving on school property.
  • Do not smoke on school property.

Please also be reminded that students are not allowed on the playground afterschool without continued parental supervision or allowed to cross to the playground without you being present at the gym door. Thank you for following these procedures. It makes the brief, intense experience more stress free and allows us all to enjoy the rest of our day.

Attendance is extremely important!

1. School starts at 8:00 am. Please arrive between 7:30 am and 7:50 am to ensure students are here on time.
2. Absent students need to bring a note to the office excusing their absence.

Student safety is # 1!

1. All parents must sign in at the office and receive a badge to go beyond the foyer in the mornings.
2. There is no student checkout after 2:15 pm. Please plan accordingly.

Good child nutrition builds brains!

1. There is a fee for breakfast unless you qualify for free/reduced lunch and served in the lunchroom between 7:20am and 7:50 am.
2. All students must eat lunch. If your child does not have a lunch they will be given a school lunch.
3. Free and reduced lunch forms were sent home in the Wednesday folder. These forms must be filled out yearly. Please return yours to the school office.
4. If you don’t want your child to purchase ice cream treats, please call the cafeteria and let them know to tag your child’s lunch account. 256-428-7623

We’re looking forward to an excellent new school year! Thank you for your attention to these items that will lead to smooth sailing this year.

Thank You,
Principal Wallace
Assistant Principal Graham