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Challenger Shuttle Mission 4: STS-41-B

4th Challenger mission

10th space shuttle mission

Mrs. Legg, Mrs. Nunez, and Mrs. Swain's classes learned about Challenger Shuttle's seventh mission.

Start of Mission: February, 3, 1984 at 8:00 am, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

End of Mission: February 11, 1984 at 7:15:55 am, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Mission duration: 7 days, 23 hours, 15 minutes, 55 seconds

Distance traveled: 3.3 million miles

Orbits of Earth: 128

Crew Size: 5

Commander: Vance D. Brand
Pilot: Robert L. Gibson
Mission Specialist 1: Bruce McCandless II
Mission Specialist 2: Ronald E. McNair
Mission Specialist 3: Robert L. Stewart

Astronaut Bios:

Space walks: 2
Space walks total time: 12 hours, 12 minutes

1st: 5 hours; 55 minutes
2nd: 6 hours, 17 minutes

Wake Up calls:

NASA began a tradition of playing music to astronauts during the Gemini program, and first used music to wake up a flight crew during Apollo 15. Each track is specially chosen, often by the astronauts’ families, and usually has a special meaning to the individual member of the crew, or is applicable to their daily activities.

Day 3

"A Train"



Day 4

"Glory, Glory, Colorado"

The University of Colorado Band

Vance Brand

Day 5

"Armed Forces Medley"



Day 7

"Theme from The Greatest American Hero"

Joey Scarbury


Day 8

"The Air Force Song"

Air Force CAPCOMs


Day 9

"In the Mood"



Interesting Facts:

·         Jetpacks were first used on this mission

·         First untethered space walks

·         First time Challenger takes off and lands at same location (Kennedy Space Center)




Post Flight Presentation: