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Challenger Shuttle Mission 6: STS-41-G

6th Challenger mission

13th space shuttle mission


Mrs. Geis and Mr. Brown's class learned learned about Challenger Shuttle's sixth mission.

Mr. Brown's Class
Cheyenne Aguiar, Jacob Cannon, John Paul Chase, Brooke Connell, Aleena Flowers, Emma Grace Franklin, Harris Gehrdes, Ray Greenwood, Joshua Griggs, Mackenzie Hart, Nyoka Holmes, Trey Martin, Justin McCall, Davaun Omosun, Alex Pencola, Daniil Shadrin, Isabella Smith, Mally Stanton, Parsa Vard, Tyler Wall, Jasmine Yasser Ahmed

Mrs. Geis' Class
Braly Beutjer, Christian Carter, Jasmine Chaffin, Alexander Cobb, Owen Cowart, Amelia Doyle, Nathaniel Garrett, Logan Gordon, Krysanne Hicks, Carly Jo Hyde, Anastashia King, Jaxon Knytych, Elijah Marshall, Jacob Martin, Gannon McNees, Andrew Meeks, Jillian Murphy, Makia Skaggs, Kennedy Stewart, James Wilson


Start of Mission: October 5, 1984 at 7:03:00 am, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

End of Mission: October 13, 1984 at 12:26:38 pm, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Mission duration: 8 days, 5 hours, 23 minutes, 38 seconds

Distance traveled: 3.3 million miles

Orbits of Earth: 133

Crew Size: 7

Commander: Robert L. Crippen
Pilot: Jon A. McBride
Mission Specialist 1: Kathryn D. Sullivan
Mission Specialist 2: Sally K. Ride
Mission Specialist 3: David C. Leestma
Payload Specialist 1: Marc Garneau
Payload Specialist 2: Paul D. Scully-Power

Astronaut Bios:

Space walks: 1 (performed by Leestma and Sullivan)
Space walk duration: 3 hours, 29 minutes

Wake Up calls:

NASA began a tradition of playing music to astronauts during the Gemini program, and first used music to wake up a flight crew during Apollo 15. Each track is specially chosen, often by the astronauts’ families, and usually has a special meaning to the individual member of the crew, or is applicable to their daily activities.

Flight Day


Artist Composer

Play For

Day 2

Flashdance… What a Feeling

Irene Cara


Day 3

Leaving on a Jet Plane

John Denver


Day 4

Song of Jon McBride

Written and sung by a friend of McBride


Day 5

Gonna Fly Now (theme from Rocky)

Bill Conti


Day 6

Navy Wings are Made of Gold



Day 7

Take Me Home, Country Roads

John Denver


Day 8

Star Wars (Main Title)

John Williams


Day 9

University of Okhlahoma Fight Song and Rocket Man

Elton John


Interesting Facts:

·         First flight to include two women

·         Sullivan was first American woman to walk in space

·         First flight to include a crew of 7

·         First Canadian in space

·         First Australian born astronaut in space


Launch and Landing:

Post Flight Presentation: