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Challenger Shuttle Mission 5: STS-41-C

5th Challenger mission

11th space shuttle mission


Mrs. Thomas and Mr. Thornton's classes learned about Challenger Shuttle's fifth mission.

Mrs. Thomas' Class
Estrella Alvarez-King, Blake Barnes, Wesley Brown, Aaron Carey, Jenna Dew, Jacob Dick, Jocelyn Farfan-Meza, Brooke Francis, Jose Gonzalez, Paige Hernandez, Michael Hubscher, Kara Jones, Kaden Kim, Emily Kwasigroh, Austin Lindbom, Samuel O'Halloran, Brayden Peck, Riley Roberts, Emily Searles, Lauren Todd, Joshua Whitener

Mr. Thornton's Class
Hannah Barkley, Brody Bell, Jack Bilderback, Chase Childers, Nalani Coates, Kylie Copeland, Lucy Cottingham, Eli Dix, Moses Frye, Ana Lara, Andy Lin, Lillian Maxfield, Jonah Nikonchuk, Suyash Ojha, Jacob Patten, Damaris Ramos-Serrano, Natalie Rodriguez, Evan Sexton, Ella Rose Thackston, Zachary Tucker, Lillian Williams


Start of Mission: April 6, 1984 at 8:58:00 am, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

End of Mission: April 13, 1984 at 5:38:07 am, Edwards Air Force Base, California

Mission duration: 6 days, 23 hours, 40 minutes, 7 seconds

Distance traveled: 2.9 million miles

Orbits of Earth: 108

Crew Size: 5

Commander: Robert L. Crippen
Pilot: Francis R. Scobee
Mission Specialist 1: Donald H. Peterson
Mission Specialist 2: F. Story Musgrave
Mission Specialist 3: Terry J. Hart

Astronaut Bios:

Space walks: 2
Space walk duration: 10 hours, 6 minutes
First: 2 hours, 59 minutes
Second: 7 hours, 7 minutes

Wake Up calls:

NASA began a tradition of playing music to astronauts during the Gemini program, and first used music to wake up a flight crew during Apollo 15. Each track is specially chosen, often by the astronauts’ families, and usually has a special meaning to the individual member of the crew, or is applicable to their daily activities.

Flight Day



Day 2

"A Boy Named Sue"

Johnny Cash

Day 3

"Fight for California"

"Lehigh University Fight Song"


Day 4



Day 5

"Theme from Rocky"

Bill Conti

Day 6



Day 7



Day 8

"University of Texas Fight Song"


Interesting Facts:

·         First repair of a satellite in space (Solar Maximum Mission satellite)

·         Filmed scenes for IMAX movie “The Dream Is Alive" at

·         Experiment: Can honeybees make honeycomb in zero gravity?



Launch and Landing:

Post Flight Presentation: