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Challenger Elementary
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Blue Ribbon School

Congratulations to Our Science Fair Winners

First Grade:  

1st place: Hazel Webber “Oops, I forgot to add an ingredient in my cupcakes”. 
2nd place: Valor O’Dell “Bubble Blast”

Second Grade: 

1st place: Kane Stone “Floating Trains”
2nd place: Adelaide, Grace, and Caitlyn Goins. “How does water glow? 

Third Grade:  

1st place: Holden Patterson “Seawater’s Effect on Bamboo”. 
2nd place: Brooklyn Biles “What water freezes first?”  

Fourth grade:  

1st place: Evan Yokom:  “Germs!”
2nd place: Skyler Law and Mya Johnson. “Turning Potatoes into Energy for a Timer”
3rd place: Naiomi Reed “Shell Shocked”. 

Fifth grade:


Physics and Astronomy:  

1st place: Leah Monroe “Keep it Cold, Keep it Hot”. 
2nd place: Zechariah Wood “Cohesion in Water”
3rd place: Waleed Jeries “Cool it Quickly”. 
HM: Maggie Johnson “Floating Eggs??”  

Engineering and Mechanics:  

1st place: Wesley Tedesco “Catapult This!”
2nd place: Alexander Berry “Ideal Material for Paper Airplane Construction” 
3rd place: Dylan Davis “Fast Food:  A car run on fruit power”
HM: Oliver Hesse “Organic Materials Power a Clock”


Behavioral and Social Science 

1st place: Cat Phan Jolyn Xue “5 second rule”. 
2nd place: Destiny McCarter “Tooth Decay Experiment”
3rd place: Anna Kate Rushing “Stop Signs” 
HM: Reina Ambe “Can Oobleck Dance” 

Earth and Environmental Science: 

1st place: Sebastian Martinez “When Life Gives you Lemons, Make Batteries”
2nd place: Gavin McCreery “How Liquids affect plant growth”
3rd place: Dakota Smith Baughman “Bugs and Things Under Our Feet”
               Klare Jamison” Tee Up Temperatures”
HM: Zoe Kenney and Mae Mae Glasgow   “How Pure is your Water?”