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Challenger Elementary
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Blue Ribbon School

Join PTA!

The 100% PTA membership classroom competition is in full swing, and you are off to a great start! Ms. Depew, Ms. Reeves, Ms. Besteda, and Ms. Bell have already reached 100% membership. To have 100% membership not each student or student’s family has to join, you only have to have a number of memberships affiliated with your class equal to the number of students on your roster -- for example, I purchased memberships myself, my husband, and my 2 children, so I provided the class with 4 memberships, although my youngest is the only one on the class roster. People can also donate memberships to your classroom, they just need to list your class under teacher affiliation. 

The reward for reaching the goal is extra recess (the time of the recess during that day will be whenever works best for your class schedule) with popsicles (provided by PTA) on 9/2 which is the conclusion of the competition. Click here to join our PTA, by purchasing memberships for only $5 each.


  1. What if Memberhub won’t let me purchase a membership because it says I already have one?
    • Slightly alter the name and make up a phone number under the contact info, leave the email blank
  2. Can I donate to any class regardless of my student’s teacher or can I donate to the school so that the membership will be applied where needed? 
    • Yes and Yes! Anyone can donate a membership, it will either be applied to the teacher if your choice, or if you type “Undesignated” under teacher affiliation it will be credited at the principal’s discretion. 

Jennifer Hicks
CES PTA Membership