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Challenger Elementary
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Blue Ribbon School

Science Fair/Night Success

Congratulations to our Science Fair winners! 1st and 2nd place winners will go on to represent CES at the regional science fair in March.


  • 1st: Valor (Orbeez Blast)
  • 2nd: Mrs. Ruffin's Class Project
  • 3rd: Asher (Beeches)

First Grade:

  • 1st: Jayden (Solar Eclipse)
  • 2nd: Caitlyn, Grace, Adelaide (The Walking Rainbow)
  • 3rd: Kane (Do some colors of M&Ms melt faster in the Microwave)

Second Grade:

  • 1st: Charlie (Human vs. Machine)
  • 2nd: Katherine, Anna, Peyton (Does Glue Thickness Affect Slime Stretch)
  • 3rd: Loren and Kaitlyn (What Makes Pepper Scatter)

Third Grade:

  • 1st: Parker (Magnetic Projectile)
  • 2nd: Evan (Tsunami Affects)
  • 3rd: Izzy and Skylar (Turning Milk into Plastic)
  • 4th: Greydon (Go with the Flow)

Fourth Grade:

  • 1st: Ian and Logan (Friction: The Car Tester)
  • 2nd: Anna Kate and Evie (Does Smell Affect Taste)
  • 3rd: Gracie and Megan (Which Grocery Item Cleans Pennies Best)
  • 4th: Olivia (How Much Can a Diaper Hold)

Fifth Grade:

Engineering and Mechanics:

  • 1st: Sarah (Building Stronger Bridges)
  • 2nd: Mason (Edible Adhesives ... or Not?)
  • 3rd: Alex (Lemon Batteries)
  • 4th: Loriah (Ping Pong Catapult)


  • 1st: Theo (How Does Various Weight Affect the Rocket?)
  • 2nd: Kaitlyn and Jorja (Weight, Position, and Zip-line)
  • 3rd: Jackson (Making Magnets Float)
  • 4th: And (Wow! What a Shock! Electricity and Magnets)

Behavioral and Social Sciences:

  • 1st: Felicity (Are You Sure That's Healthy)
  • 2nd: Molly (Switching Hands)
  • 3rd: Jacob (Battle of the Batters: Do Recipes Matter)
  • 4th: Adrionna (Instinct vs. Domesticated Dogs)

Earth and Environmental:

  • 1st: Will (Can Spiky Seed Pods from the Sweet Gum Tree be Eliminated without Remocing the Tree?)
  • 2nd: Patterson (Turn Milk into Plastic)
  • 3rd: Tuck (How Do Different Liquids Affect Your Teeth)
  • 3rd: Molly (Kitchen Chemistry)
  • 4th: Mikayla (Chill Out and Grab a Mint)