Weather Notice

Due to the threat of severe weather, all Huntsville City Schools after-school and evening activities, including the school board meeting and extended day, are cancelled for Thursday, April 18, 2019.  For more information about the district weather safety policy, please click below.

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Challenger Elementary
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Blue Ribbon School

Science Fair/Night Success

Congratulations to our Science Fair winners! 1st and 2nd place winners will go on to represent CES at the regional science fair in March.


  • 1st: Valor (Orbeez Blast)
  • 2nd: Mrs. Ruffin's Class Project
  • 3rd: Asher (Beeches)

First Grade:

  • 1st: Jayden (Solar Eclipse)
  • 2nd: Caitlyn, Grace, Adelaide (The Walking Rainbow)
  • 3rd: Kane (Do some colors of M&Ms melt faster in the Microwave)

Second Grade:

  • 1st: Charlie (Human vs. Machine)
  • 2nd: Katherine, Anna, Peyton (Does Glue Thickness Affect Slime Stretch)
  • 3rd: Loren and Kaitlyn (What Makes Pepper Scatter)

Third Grade:

  • 1st: Parker (Magnetic Projectile)
  • 2nd: Evan (Tsunami Affects)
  • 3rd: Izzy and Skylar (Turning Milk into Plastic)
  • 4th: Greydon (Go with the Flow)

Fourth Grade:

  • 1st: Ian and Logan (Friction: The Car Tester)
  • 2nd: Anna Kate and Evie (Does Smell Affect Taste)
  • 3rd: Gracie and Megan (Which Grocery Item Cleans Pennies Best)
  • 4th: Olivia (How Much Can a Diaper Hold)

Fifth Grade:

Engineering and Mechanics:

  • 1st: Sarah (Building Stronger Bridges)
  • 2nd: Mason (Edible Adhesives ... or Not?)
  • 3rd: Alex (Lemon Batteries)
  • 4th: Loriah (Ping Pong Catapult)


  • 1st: Theo (How Does Various Weight Affect the Rocket?)
  • 2nd: Kaitlyn and Jorja (Weight, Position, and Zip-line)
  • 3rd: Jackson (Making Magnets Float)
  • 4th: And (Wow! What a Shock! Electricity and Magnets)

Behavioral and Social Sciences:

  • 1st: Felicity (Are You Sure That's Healthy)
  • 2nd: Molly (Switching Hands)
  • 3rd: Jacob (Battle of the Batters: Do Recipes Matter)
  • 4th: Adrionna (Instinct vs. Domesticated Dogs)

Earth and Environmental:

  • 1st: Will (Can Spiky Seed Pods from the Sweet Gum Tree be Eliminated without Remocing the Tree?)
  • 2nd: Patterson (Turn Milk into Plastic)
  • 3rd: Tuck (How Do Different Liquids Affect Your Teeth)
  • 3rd: Molly (Kitchen Chemistry)
  • 4th: Mikayla (Chill Out and Grab a Mint)