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Testing News From Dr. Wallace

Dear Parents of Students in Second through Fifth Grade,

Beginning March 16th, the statewide standardized tests called Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program, or ACAP, will be administered to students in second through fifth grade. All grades have test sessions in English Language Arts and Math. Fourth graders will also have Science testing. Parents of students in HVA – please refer to the letter you received March 8th for HVA specifics.

This letter will outline safety procedures, when testing will be conducted, arrival procedures, computer usage, and homework.

Safety: All testing will take place in your teacher’s classroom. Students are distanced apart as much as possible using student screens between them. Masks are required to be worn correctly at all times while in the building.

Testing Schedule: All testing is conducted in the mornings on the dates indicated from

8:15 approx. 10:30 a.m.

  • March 16 - 19 & April 20 - 21: 2nd Grade
  • March 22 - 25 & April 22: 3rd Grade
  • April 6 - 9: 4th Grade
  • April 12 - 16: 5th Grade
  • April 20 - 22: 4th Grade

Arrival: Students should plan to arrive by 8:00 a.m. Breakfast is served here or ensure your child has eaten a good breakfast before coming to school. Please arrive on time. Once testing has begun for the morning, students are not allowed to join the classroom until the testing is completed.

Computers: In order to ensure computers are charged and ready for the online testing, we will keep computers here at school during the testing days. Please bring your computer fully charged and the charger with you the first day of your testing session. It will stay at school until the end of that week’s testing.

Homework: There is NO required homework on your child’s testing days. However, we encourage students read nightly!

Parents, thank you for talking to your child before these tests and encouraging them to take their time and do their best on the test!


Michele Wallace Ed.D.