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Challenger Academic Team

At the middle school level, academic team is a competitive, academic, interscholastic activity for which players attend periodic practices and then represent their school at tournaments. Questions range over the entire spectrum of the middle school curriculum and include topics such as current events, sports, and popular culture. The matches feature a blend of individual competition and team collaboration, since no individual player is likely to be an expert in all subject areas. 

How to Join / Membership Requirements: 
CMS Academic Team is competitive in nature which makes the size of the team limited. Only 4 – 8 students may participate in any given round of a tournament. To try to ensure equitable practice and play time we will be limiting the team to 12 – 15 members. It’s important that we select students with a wide variety of knowledge and students that work well together. Try outs are open to all students in grades 6th – 8th and will take place the last week in August.
Other Info: 
2016 – State Champions
2011 – 2nd Place in State
2010 – 3rd Place in State
2009 – 2nd Place in State