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Mrs. Beech's 7th Grade Potato Science Project

Mrs. Beech's 7th grade Science class has been busy doing science projects. Below, two CMS students inform us on why they are doing this project. Go 7th Graders and go Mrs. Beech.

Why are we doing the Potato Experiment?

The reason we were doing the potato experiment is because we are learning about the growth of living organisms and their cells. We are learning about all types of cells. The potatoes were examples of living things. All living things grow and develop. Since all living things grow and develop, when we planted our potatoes in the soil and poured water on them, they started to grow roots and stems. Some people’s stems grew a lot, some did not grow at all. Some only grew roots, and others died, speaking from personal experience.

Before we started our potato project, we had to answer a simple question, “Are potatoes alive or dead?” I did not know much about cells at the time so I was not sure about whether or not they were still living or had died. I thought potatoes were dead because they had already been picked from their plants, so I answered that it was dead. Once I learned more about cells and had proof that they had grown a bit, I knew that potatoes were living because they had cells in them. Cells that are alive.

How the potatoes started, how they're doing: