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Chapman Eclipse Adventures!

It was a great day at Chapman on August 21, 2017! This was the day for the Great American Eclipse. Ms. Boissel worked hard to make the event a success, with over 300 pairs of eclipse glasses, 500 Moon Pies, 60 chocolate donuts and a whole bunch of excited students. Student in grades 2 through 8 got to go outside and watch this special event. Fourth and fifth grade students made observations of the sky during the eclipse, sixth grade had science experiments, seventh grade made a memory page for the event, and first grade did some Oreo eclipse activities. Ms. Boissel ordered glasses for the whole school and all staff and we found out a week before. Through the dedication of Ms. Boissel, Mrs. Cleckler, Ms. Williams and generous help from Dr. Pappy, local business owner Beth Haynes, and Star Market, we managed to get enough glasses for every student second through eighth grade to see the eclipse.