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Ashton Williams

Hello! I am new to Huntsville City and to Alabama, coming from the sunny beaches of Central Florida. My family is a colourful and close including my darling parents, my creative brother and his intelligent wife and two beautiful children, three dogs, all who love the weather here over that of Florida, and my wonderful fiance- moving here later this year! I teach math but love all learning and thus have an extensive and ever-growing library filled with tomes that cover philosophy, history, classical literature and much more.

To conclude, gardening is a hobby of mine and I find it is a perfect analogy to teaching. A gardener's goal is to provide a setting for growth and maturity for a diverse set of life. As a teacher, my job is to create a classroom that inspire growth and maturity for my diverse set of students! I look forward to working in my garden everyday and watching my students bloom!
Master's of Education from Florida Southern College
Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from Florida Southern College
Associate of Arts from Polk State College
6-12 FlSDE Teaching Certification in Mathematics
ALSDE Class B-Secondary Education in Mathematics
‪(863) 617-9287‬
2015-2016 6th Grade Mathematics, Crystal Lake Middle School

2016-2017 6th Grade Intensive Mathematics, Crystal Lake Middle School

2017-2019 8th Grade Intensive Mathematics and Pre-Algebra, Crystal Lake Middle School

2019-2020 4th through 8th Grade Mathematics, IT coordinator, 3rd Grade Resource Teacher, Robotics Teacher, Resurrection Catholic School

2020- Present Geometry, Columbia High School