12-03-20 Updates Regarding Cybersecurity Threat

The district has released additional information regarding the cybersecurity threat, which includes the current plan for students, staff, and faculty to return to schools and offices.  Please use the more information button below to access the updated information.

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The Columbia Cluster Feeder Pattern

The Columbia Feeder Pattern includes four elementary schools, one P8 school, two middle schools and one high school.  Together, these schools provide excellent educational opportunities to its students via a wide array of programs that engage students though a rigorous and challenging curriculum.  Programs at these schools include:

Project Lead The Way (PLTW) - A curriculum the exposes students to curriculum and activities in Science Technology, Engineering, and Math.

International Baccalaureate - Several schools in the feeder pattern are authorized as International Baccalaureate World Schools.  These schools offer the following IB Programmes: Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), Diploma Programme (DP), and Career-Related Programme (CP).

  • Academy for Science and Foriegn Language (ASFL) - PYP and MYP
  • Williams P8 - PYP and MYP
  • Providence Elementary School - PYP
  • Columbia High School - MYP, DP, and CP

The Columbia Cluster offers several programs that are administered through Huntsville City Schools Office of Magnet Programs.  These programs are selective and students must apply via the Office of Magnet Programs.

  • ASFL
  • Academy for Gifted and Talented (AGT) at Williams P8 School- Launched Fall of 2016
  • Columbia High School DP and CP Programmes (MYP for students outside of the Columbia Cluster)

The Columbia Cluster also boasts a Blue Ribbon Beacon School of Excellence

  • Morris Elementary School

A lot is going on in the Columbia Cluster where "All Is NOT Quiet On The Western Front!"


Cluster Elementary Schools

Morris Elementery School - Patty Boyd, Principal

Providence Elementary School - Paul Bonner, Principal

Ridgecrest Elementary School - Peggy Harris, Principal

Cluster P8 School

Academy for Science and Foriegn Language - Jeanne Greer, Principal

Williams - Melissa Lindsey, Principal

Cluster Middle Schools

Westlawn Middle School -  Amber Hall, Principal

Cluster High School

Columbia High School - Clifford Porter, Principal