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Kathy Shelton

Hello, my name is Kathy Shelton and I love being a teacher. I have been a registered nurse for over thirty years and a health science teacher since 1996. I am an advisor for Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) future health professions. I have a passion for self-empowerment and enjoy speaking to women and teenage girls to encourage them to become their best self. I love to encourage them to change their self-talk so that they know they are brilliant, beautiful, amazing and talented individuals who can be their real authentic self. One of the things I am proud of, is starting the first school clinic that is student ran and free to the students and public for the Toulminville Community in Mobile for the state of Alabama that focus on community health and wellness.

I try my best to be the best teacher that I can and teach my students lessons that they cannot only use in the classroom, but also in life. I pride myself on being someone who is fair to all and who makes a decision and sticks with it and that is what has brought me to where I am today.
A.S. in Health Information Technology (DeVry University) Nursing (University of South Alabama)
Type III, Career/Technical (084)
Grade Level: 6-12
Health Science (0K2)

Level 4, Career and Technical (CT8)
Grade Level: 6-12
Health Science (0K2)

Specialty Area 4, Career and Technical (CS4)
Grade Level: 6-12
Health Science (0K2)

*Certified American Red Cross Instructor
(256) 428-7576 Ext 108
Career and Technical Courses