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Return to In- Person Staggered After Thanksgiving Break Info

Dear Columbia High School Families:

Columbia High School will operate under the Staggered Schedule Model once we return to school after the Thanksgiving Holiday on November 30, 2020.We will remain on this schedule for the remainder of the first semester which concludes on December 12, 2020.

December 17-22, 2020 we will be giving Midterm Exams for the first semester. Those days will be remote learning days for both Cohorts 1 and 2. Students will remain home on those days and will be required to log on virtually to take their midterm exams.

Cohort Assignments

To maximize social distancing to the greatest extent possible, and to balance class sizes between the cohorts, the cohort assignments for this staggered schedule will be as follows by the first letter of the student’s last name. Please remember, for students residing in the same home with different last names, please follow the cohort of the oldest child in the home:

Cohort 1:  Students whose last names begin A-L

Cohort 2-  Students whose last names begin M-Z 

Cohort 1 Cohort 2
November: 30- B
December: 1- A, 7- A, 8- B, 9- A, 14- B, 15- A  December: 2- B, 3- A, 4- B, 10- B, 11- A, 16- B

E-Learning Days for All Students

  • November 23- B, 24- A
  • December 17, 18, 21, 22 (Mid-Term Exams)

A/B Day Block Schedule

Our class schedule will alternate between A and B days as indicated on the chart above.  On A days, students will meet blocks 1, 3, 5, and 7.  On B days, students will meet blocks 2, 4, 6, and 8. On Mondays, students have Seminar class between blocks 5 and 7.  

Included below is a Bell Schedule for your review for specific class times students will meet.

Students should walk on the right side of the hallways and follow the directional signs designating the flow of traffic in the hallways and the stairways. The markings will be clearly visible on the floors.

Bell Schedule/Class Change

Crimson and Gold Bell Schedule (Mondays)

  • Seminar will be every Monday
Block Time
1st 8:30-10:01
3rd 10:06-11:41
5th 11:46-1:41
Lunch Wave 1 (2nd Floor) 11:46-12:14
Lunch Wave 2 (1st Floor) 12:30-1:00
Seminar 1:46-2:04
7th 2:09-3:40

Crimson and Gold Bell Schedule (Tuesdays-Fridays)

Block Time
1st/2nd 8:30-10:01
3rd/4th 10:06-11:41
5th/6th 11:46-1:56
Lunch Wave 1 (2nd Floor) 11:46-12:14
Lunch Wave 2 (1st Floor) 12:30-1:00
7th/8th 2:01-3:40

Schedule Notes

  • Students will eat lunch and breakfast in their classrooms
  • Crimson Days (A Day)- Students will meet blocks 1, 3, 5, and 7
  • Gold Days (B Day)- Students will meet blocks 2, 4, 6, and 8
  • On Mondays only, students will attend Seminar between blocks 5 and 7

As stated earlier, students will take their Midterm Exams on December 17-22, 2020. See schedule below.

Midterm Schedule for First Semester High School Exam Schedule 2020

Thursday, December 17 8:30- 10:20- 1st Block 10:30-12:20- 3rd Block
Friday, December 18 8:30- 10:20- 2nd Block 10:30-12:20- 4th Block
Monday, December 21 8:30- 10:20- 5th Block 10:30-12:20- 7th Block
Tuesday, December 22 8:30- 10:20- 6th Block 10:30-12:20- 8th Block

Students may exempt out of at least two exams if the meet the following district criteria:

To qualify for exemption:

  1. Maximum 85% semester average in the class
  2. No unexcused absences in the class
  3. No more than 3 unexcused tardies
  4. Students may exempt up to 2 exams per semester
  5. An exam in a course may only be exempt once each school year

Note- AP and IB courses are not included in the exemption plan for the first semester. The AP and/or IB exam will replace the second semester exams for AP/IB courses. AP and IB exams must be taken for students to receive the additonal quality point.

Students should contact their teacher to request an Exam Exemption Form for the class in which they meet the criteria.  Students can only exempt out of two exams per semester.  Midterm exams are required of all students.  Both Traditional and HVA students will need to log on at the times above during Midterm Exams. 

Parents, we thank you for your patience and flexibility during this time.  If I can be of further assistance or you need to discuss other arrangements contrary to your student’s assigned cohort, please reach out to your grade level administrator:

  • Mrs. Bridget Mastin- 9th Grade
  • Mr. Richard Jernigan- 10th Grade
  • Ms. Julie Boissel- 11th Grade
  • Mr. Clifford Porter- 12th Grade


Mr. Clifford Porter, Principal