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Congratualtions Farley Teacher and Support Staff for March!

Congratulations Mrs. Molly Johnson, our Teacher of the Month. Ms. Johnson's love and dedication to her students shows everyday when you walk in her class and see students engaged in learning. We asked Mrs.Johnson what she loved about being a teacher, her response, " I have always been a teacher at heart. I love the students' excitement in learning new things. The "light bulb" moment when a student understands something he or she has been struggling with is priceless."


Congratulations to Mrs. Ashley Smith our Support Staff of The Month. Coach Smith as our students know her is a up beat addtion to our Farley Family. Coach Smith greets our student every morning as they come into school.She guides students in P.E. creating a stress free fun enivorment. We aske Coach Smith what she loved about being at Farley, her response, "I love that I can come to Farley every day and be around people who love and care for their students. To be a part of a team that supports one another and encourages one another makes each day exciting and uplifting. The kids each with their own personalities continue to make me laugh and care for them more and more each day. Farley is an amazing place to work and I feel like we are making a difference in our community for the better."