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Congratulations Teacher and Support Staff of The Month

Teacher of The Month

Congratulations to Mrs. Marcia Getfeild our Teacher of The Month!  Mrs. Getfeild’s dedication and professionalism shines everyday through her interactions with her students. Mrs. Getfeild is always willing to go beyond the call of duty and is very supportive of her peers. We asked Mrs. Getfield what she enjoyed about being a Speech Pathologist, this is what she had to say, "Being a Speech Pathologist is a challenging but rewarding opportunity to work with students either   one- on-one or in a small group with the goal of improving or increasing communication skills.  The final goal is not always to change the way someone speaks but to build self-confidence and acceptance.  When a student can hear and correct articulation errors independently, demonstrate an understanding of nonverbal cues, use language effectively to meet their needs or use learned techniques to achieve fluent speech, then I know what I do has made a notable impact."

Support Staff of the Month

Congratulations to Mrs. Monica May our Support Staff of The Month!  Mrs. May’s cheerful and endless energy is a great contribution to our school. Always greeting our students with a smile making them comfortable to speak with her.  If you ask Mrs. May what she loves best about being a part of Farley she will say, “The children here at Farley are the reason I love waking up and going to work each day. These enthusiastic, radiant, joyful children enter this school daily, and their bright spirits make the building glow. I love every child at Farley and if I can make any of them smile then I have the best job in the world.”