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Congratulations Teacher and Support Staff For The Month of February

Congratulations to Ms. Mattie Hill our Teacher of the Month! Ms. Hill’s dedication to all our students is evident in what she does every day. Ms. Hill is not only our GATE teacher, she coaches our Robotics Team and Greenpower Team, not to mention running Morning Broadcast. Ms. Hill is also very active on our Student Council. We asked Ms. Hill what do she like about her job at Farley? Her response, “Using the word "like" would be an understatement. I LOVE my job at Farley! The best part about Farley will always be my students. They are so incredibly motivated to learn and be challenged. They inspire me with their enthusiasm and desire to succeed. I often tease about how guilty I feel accepting a paycheck to do something so enjoyable and rewarding. My greatest achievement in life will always be the spark of inspiration in the eyes of my students when they walk through the GATE-way of Knowledge into my classroom. Working at Farley with our students, our amazing faculty and staff is the greatest gift any teacher could ask for.”

Congratulations to Mrs. Joye Murphree our support Staff of The Month! To describe what Mrs. Murphree does for all of us at Farley Elementary would take pages. We know we are blessed with having her in our school. Farley just wouldn’t function the same without her! We asked Mrs. Murphree what working at Farley meant to her, her response, “Being on a team and having another family that cares about you. Being an example to children and delivering a smile to them each day. Oh, and working in a little piece of heaven in the education business.”