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Owlsome Music Happenings

It has been a great start in music class this year.  We have sung, played instruments, danced and learned about composers.  The great thing about music is that all of our skills strengthen all the other subjects.  I love saying to the students “you just did math in music class and didn’t know it.” Below are some examples of what we have done in each grade level so far this year.   

The Kindergarteners have mastered steady beat and loved learning about the Native American Flute.  The first graders have played singing games, reviewed and practiced up, down and stay the same melodies on the bells while learning and playing different timbres of instruments.  In second grade we have gone to the jungle with animal rhythms and played up and down melodies on the Boomwhackers.  Third graders had a blast doing a folk dance and learning the new rhythm tih-kuh-tih-kuh.  If you are here for the Veterans Day parade come listen to the 4th graders sing about our Stars and Stripes.  They have learned how music can pay tribute to people and things that have happened in history.  Fifth graders have sung in harmony and played chords with a classic 50’s rock and roll song. 

Needless to say music is a vital part of a well-rounded child and will contribute to their life long learning.  The following is a quite from Plato that sums it up very well.  “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”- Plato