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Why Fitness Gram?

Every year students are required to participate in the Alabama Physical Fitness test.  The test consists of four components.  Each test measures a student’s flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, and abdomen strength.  The results of the test are measured each student’s performance in the Fall and Spring of the school year.   The test measures student’s fitness levels in the one-mile run, push-ups, curl-ups and the sit and reach.  So why is it important for student’s to test.

Students need daily physical activity to support healthy growth and cognitive development. As a teacher, we must continue to build an active school environment that supports daily physical activity, quality physical education, recess and sports participation. Over 35 years of research, evaluation, validation, and enhancement by our Scientific Advisory Board have made FitnessGram the most trusted and widely used fitness assessment, education, and reporting tool in the world.  

We can’t manage what we don’t measure. Data from FitnessGram drives decisions, allowing teachers, administrators, parents, and students make positive changes and build the healthy habits they need to be successful Well. Into the Future.

The data available from FitnessGram can:

  • Track trends and changes in fitness levels over time
  • Examine associations between fitness and academic achievement and attendance
  • Enhance the effectiveness of physical education programs
  • Help create healthy school environments focused on prevention
  • Foster communication between parents, teachers and students
  • Identify areas of need for program funding