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Alexander Mercieca

My name is Alexander Mercieca and I've been teaching in Huntsville City School since 2005. Outside of school I am a Certified CrossFit trainer (L-3). I enjoy keeping my fitness levels up so that I can enjoy outdoor activities like kayaking, mountain biking, and hiking. I also enjoy taking my motorcycle out on the weekends. I also play in a band on the weekend and we play a wide variety of music from heavy metal to country and everything in between. I enjoy cooking all different kinds of cuisine from all over the world and I also like to try different cooking methods as well. I am also about to finish my certification in Educational Administration in December of 2020 and plan on moving into administration in the next few years, but I'm not in a hurry because I love being in the classroom.
Masters Degree in Secondary Education Social Science from Alabama A&M University
ALSDE Secondary in Social Science Education
Class A, Instructional Leader
CrossFit L-3 Certification
During my teaching career I have taught the following courses: AP Human Geography, AP World History, AP European History, World History, World History Honors, US History 10, US History 11, Psychology, Sociology, Civics, Ancient World History and I also stated Alabama's first High School CrossFit affiliate NCTHS CrossFit. I also am the Key Club sponsor.