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Grissom Math Stars

Welcome to the fourth year of Grissom Math Stars. This is a mail-in competition for 4th through 8th graders. We hope you enjoy the tests!


The competition consists of two tests: one individual test and one team test.

Individual Test

Students are given 30 minutes to complete a 30 question free response test (open ended questions, not multiple choice). This test is non-calculator. Students will compete in their grade level, NOT their highest math level. Students MAY compete at a higher grade if they choose. .In terms of scoring, one point is gained from a correct answer. There is no penalty for guessing, as in NO points will be gained or lost for a wrong answer. The top 15 scorers, in each level, will receive a plaque and certificates will be awarded to additional individual winners.

Team Test

All students in a grade level will take the team test together.  For the test, students on the same level will compete on a 40 question team test. The students will be given 30 minutes. The test is designed to be free response and completed without the use of calculators. Scoring is the same as the individual test. One point for a correct answer and no points gained or lost for a wrong answer. The team test score will be derived as such: half the score is based upon the team test score; the other half will be based upon the individual scores of the top two competitors of each team. The top 5 teams, in each level, will be awarded a plaque and certificates will be given out to additional team winners.


The registration fee is $40. To register, visit the grissom math website.

Score Submission

Math sponsors must submit their scores through the website and must physically mail it in. Both submissions must occur for your school to be eligible for awards.


Tests can be given from January 7 through February 14th. Scores must be submitted during this window as well.

Contact Us

All questions should be directed to our email: