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Principal Message 10-25-20

Grissom Parents & Students,

Congratulations to our Varsity Volleyball Team for advancing to the Super Regionals.  They represented Grissom High School well this past Friday at the VBC.  Also, congratulations to our Varsity Football Team for advancing to the football playoffs.  We will play Thompson High School on November 6th.

Beginning tomorrow October 26, 2020, all traditional students will report to the building daily for classes.  Please remind your child to dress appropriately for school.  I have included the HCS Dress Code at the end of this letter. Our daily schedule will remain the same as it has been in previous weeks.  Arrival, dismissal, and lunch procedures will remain the same.  Doors will open at 8:00 a.m. and students should report directly to class.  Lunch will take place in the classrooms.  Dismissal will be staggered.  Some classes will have low numbers, but many classes will have 20+ in the room.  This means that we will socially distance as much as possible. 

HCS has purchased desk shields for all students.  We will distribute a desk shield to every student on Monday during 1A. For the next 3 weeks, students will carry their desk shield from class to class, but we will not take them home.  When each student has their last academic class on campus, whether that be after A2 for a co-op student, after A3 for an athlete, or after A4 for another student, each student will bring their desk shield to the first block of the next day.  In the case for Monday, it will be their B1 class for Tuesday. The next morning when students arrive to their B1 class, they will spray down their desk shield with sanitizing spray and wipe down their shield with paper towels.  Students will then carry their desk shield with them to each class throughout the day. We will repeat this process until we receive the additional desk shields ordered by HCS, which are scheduled to be delivered in approximately 3 weeks. When we receive additional shields, we will redistribute and allow one per desk in the building. 


The A/B class schedule will be similar to previous weeks.  We will keep this schedule for the remainder of the semester.  Exam schedule has not been finalized at this point. School Picture Day will take place on Nov. 3rd & Nov. 5th through social studies classes.  HVA picture sign up will be sent out through Schoolcast this week.
A Days | Mondays & Thursdays
B Days | Tuesdays & Fridays
Wednesdays will alternate weekly

A/B Day Schedule for Oct. 26-30:

  • Monday: A Day
  • Tuesday: B Day
  • Wednesday: A Day
  • Thursday: A Day
  • Friday: B Day

Bell Schedule 2020 – 2021

  • Morning Bell: 8:25
  • 1st Block: 8:30-10:04 (Even) | Odd - 10:05
  • 2nd Block: 10:10-11:40 (Even) | Odd – 11:41
  • 3rd Block: 11:46-1:54 (Even) | Odd – 1:55
  • 4th Block: 2:00 - 3:40

Upcoming Extracurricular Events: 

  • Friday, 10/30: Football v. Hazel Green @ Hazel Green
  • Friday, 11/6 Football v. Thompson @Thompson

Athletic Events

REMINDER: Anyone attending any school function must wear a mask at all times.  If you are not willing to wear a face mask at Grissom High School functions, STAY AT HOME.  This is an HCS regulation for events at this time.

Parking Passes

Students who have paid and registered for parking may pick up parking passes at the attendance office. Please go to the Grissom parking link. 

Lunch/Curbside Meal Ordering

Effective 10-26-2020, HVA phone orders must be called in between 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. Please call 256-428-8011 to order your curbside meals.  Meal pick up will take place from 11:00-11:30 a.m. When you arrive, pleas wait in your vehicle while a CNP staff member retrieves your school meal.

We are very excited to see our students!

Mrs. Jeanne Greer
Grissom High School