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Barbara Stokes

My goal this year, is for each child to reach his/her potential in all academic areas, while having fun learning and building positive self-esteem. No matter what their individual abilities, I want each child to feel success in all that they do. For this year, I will adopt your child as my own. I will love them and nurture them and as our class becomes a family, we will come to care for and help one another. Remember that you are part of this family too.

Parents, each child that spends time in my classroom is a gift to me from his/her parents. It is my responsibility to cherish that gift. I want to spend my teaching years opening doors to possibilities, dreams and ideas for your young children. I am not the sole source of knowledge, but just another resource available to your child. I love learning and I will share that love of learning with my students. The complete success of this year depends on all of us giving our best effort to participate and communicate.
BA in Elementary Education University of Central Florida
MA in Eelmentarty Education University of Alabama
ALSDE Early Childhood
ALSDE Elementary Education
Highly Qualified Teacher
PTA Teacher of the Year in Huntsville