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Hawk News From the Principal 10/25

Hello HCES families,

Wow! Thank you to everyone who sent in candy for our Trunk or Treat candy drive! We had a total of 657 pounds of candy donated! Thank you, parents!

So, we hope to see you all this Friday, October 29th, from 5:00-7:00 at the track area (back of school) to take home some of this candy! :) We are so excited to see everyone! We will have Dominos, a live DJ, a firetruck, and a live telescope viewing!

In conjunction with the Trunk or Treat event on October 29th, HCES will host a telescope viewing night to celebrate the upcoming launch of the James Webb Space Telescope.

Several telescope experts will be here with their telescopes to guide students and their families to view objects in our solar system. If it’s a clear night, we should have a wonderful view of Saturn, Jupiter, and our moon on Oct. 29!

The telescopes will be set up in the middle school track area, so after collecting all your goodies from Trunk or Treat, make your way over to the telescopes to see some amazing views from our beautiful solar system!

If you are a telescope enthusiast and would like to bring your telescope to join in the fun, please contact Lori Nelson

We are working hard to start our school day on time to make the most of instruction. We will note the car line at 8:00 and once those cars unload, we will be closing the doors and asking parents to park, walk their child in, and sign in as tardy. Please understand that we need to get our day started on time and the closing of the door has progressively pushed later and later. We can do better for our students so I will ask that we all work hard to get our children to school on time each morning. We understand if there is rain or the line is backed up, however, we have lulls in the car line each morning and then another rush right before 8:00. We can do this! :)

Red Ribbon Week is next week, October 25-29, and the flyer with information has been sent by your child's teacher.

Thank you all for your support,

Ms. Spivey