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Hawk News from The Principal 11/29

Hello HCES families,

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break and are ready for the next three weeks of school before we close for the winter holiday! We will have STAR testing next week beginning December 6th. Your child's teacher will share the exact date they will be testing. We will also have our PBIS celebrations, HCES Spelling Bee, and our class Holiday parties. Winter Break will begin on December 20th with the last day of school Friday, December 17th. We will return for the second semester on Wednesday, January 5th.

We have a fun AR celebration planned for January that will celebrate our AR efforts from last year but will also kick off our spring semester push for students to reach their goals second semester. We are planning AR Mystery Trips for the end of the year for students who reach their 3rd and 4th quarter goals. Please help encourage your child to read and reach their goals for the 3rd and 4th quarters (second semester).

Huntsville City Schools is planning to adjust after-school tutoring programming for the second/spring semester.

Our current after-school tutoring program will end on December 17, 2021. HCES will continue to offer afterschool tutoring for our students who have reading needs per the Alabama Literacy Act. We will begin contacting those parents soon and we will then share the schedule for tutoring for the second/spring semester. Again, after-school tutoring will only be offered for students who are invited for the second/spring semester.

The new after-school program, AlphaBEST, enrollment is now open! HCES will offer after-school care for ALL families who are interested beginning in January. All interested families should go ahead and pre-register for our next extended day option. AlphaBEST, the company hiring for our school site, needs to have an idea of how many families will use this service. It will help with hiring if we can have students registered soon. See attached for additional information. Click here to go to their website to enroll.

Our roof is coming along and as you can now tell, the color is green, not pink, as many of our students noted. :) They will begin working on the cafeteria and kitchen area next week as they also complete the 2nd and 3rd hallway wing. They are leaving the more difficult areas to complete when school is out.

We would like to receive feedback about our school climate and Positive Behavior Intervention and Support. Please click here to share your input.

We are working hard to start our school day on time to make the most of instruction. We will note the car line at 8:00 and once those cars unload, we will be closing the doors and asking parents to park, walk their child in, and sign in as tardy. Please understand that we need to get our day started on time and the closing of the door has progressively pushed later and later. We can do better for our students so I will ask that we all work hard to get our children to school on time each morning. We understand if there is rain or the line is backed up, however, we have lulls in the car line each morning and then another rush right before 8:00.

We are noticing many students come in daily without masks. Our teachers will be monitoring as students unload and reminding students to get their masks before exiting their cars. We still have a mask mandate at this time and we must follow procedures. This also applies to parents who enter our building. Please be prepared to return to your car if you do not have your mask with you. Our safety bubble in the front office is now in place and we are not allowing people in the building without masks per our district policy.

Our new roof project is currently in progress and will take many months to complete. I'm sure you have noticed the equipment and materials in the middle school parking lot. I have met with the roofing team many times because our priority is the safety of everyone during this process. We will continue to meet on a daily basis and I will share updates with our school family frequently.

We have tried to coordinate the more difficult roof sections to the times we are out of school. They are well aware that our traffic flow can not be blocked. The roofing team will also need to use part of our Pre-K parking lot for materials as well. We will plan to use what we can of that parking lot but once all the spaces are filled, PreK parents will need to use the larger parking lot and walk their children across the crosswalk.

I will work to communicate with you so you are aware of the sections and where they are working. They are currently working on our 2nd and 3rd-grade hallway section and plan to begin the cafeteria and kitchen areas this week. I will continue to send updates as they become available.

Please continue to alert your child's teacher if your child or someone in your home is positive for COVID. Masking is required while on campus. If you or a member of your family are positive, we ask that you do not enter our building to pick up your children or their materials. Please call us if you need us to walk your children out to you. If you are positive, please send someone else to the school to pick up needed materials for your children. We are happy to work with you, please call us at 256-428-7180.

Thank you all for your support,

Ms. Spivey