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Hawk News from The Principal

Dear HCES Family,

Virtual Learning January 24-28. Thank you for your continued support, patience, and acts of kindness as we continue to navigate this unprecedented time. I've shared your words of encouragement with our faculty and staff and we all appreciate you. I would like to update everyone regarding some of the questions/concerns that have been shared with me. Please continue to notify us if you or your student begins to exhibit symptoms of, has been exposed to, or is diagnosed with COVID. We are still monitoring cases.

Mrs. Berryman, Mrs. Hall, and Mrs. Pape are working diligently to correct attendance and excuse quarantines. In the meantime, you may receive an automated call about attendance. Please know that we are working hard to get everyone's attendance up to date. Please notify us if you receive a notification and your student is actually at school. So far we have only had one of these cases and it was immediately rectified.

The ADPH has now adopted the new CDC quarantine guidelines. Please continue to alert your child's teacher (please include me and the office on the email) if your child or someone in your home is positive for COVID. 

Thank you for not using the playground closest to the middle school. The roofing team is beginning work above the playground. We expect the project to last a few more months.

If you need to contact Dr. Perkins or any school staff, please do so by email. This way we can schedule a meeting (if required) and you can have our undivided attention. 

Thank you so much for your support,

Dr. Perkins