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Hawk News from the Principal 5/17

Hello HCES families,

Our testing is completed for the year and we will be sending home the STAR Parent Report with the report cards on the last day of school. I have shared the HVA schedule below to drop off devices and pick up the report card on the last day of school, May 28th.

Registration instructions for next year:

All parents/guardians must provide proof of residence for the 2021-22 school year HCS Registration by July 27, 2021.
• PowerSchool Returning Student Registration will open June 26, 2021, for proof of residence submission online.
• Snapcode letters will be sent to all students prior to June 26, 2021, for completing RETURNING student registration.
• Parents/guardians can take a hard copy of proof of residence to school offices now through July 27, 2021.

Returning Students  - Proof of residence for SAME address requires a current document in the parent/guardian’s name going to that address.
1. Utility bill
2. Cable or landline telephone bill addressed to the parent or guardian at the address being established as a residence, not past 30 days old.

Returning Students - Proof of residence for a CHANGE of address requires 2 current, valid documents as proofs of residence.
1. Signed lease,
2. Copy of deed
3. Current mortgage statement, or
4. Notarized letter from the property manager that must include the parent/guardian’s name.
5. Utility bill
6. Cable or landline telephone bill addressed to the parent or guardian at the address being established as a residence, not past 30 days old.

Students attending a school on a Shared Residence Affidavit must provide documentation annually.

*If you have questions, please call the front office. We prefer you continue to upload your documents online as you have in the past.*


Parents, please remember to send masks with your child(ren) each day. HCS is still following the mask protocol and this includes anyone entering our building. Everyone who enters the building must wear a mask.

We will have another Friday Fun Day this Friday, May 21st along with a Glow Day in PE! Students can wear white for Glow Day. PTA is providing a free Kona Ice for each student! Thank you PTA!

If your child(ren) has medications at school, please remember to pick up their medications on May 28th. Parents/guardians must sign out medications from the nurse. Any medications remaining at school after 3:00 p.m. on May 28th must be destroyed per state and federal guidelines. Medications must be signed in again at the start of the school year. We are unable to hold and carry over from year to year.

I also need to remind our parents that we only have students dropped off in the front car line. I have had reports from many who live behind the school at the cup-de-sac, that several parents drive down their street and drop off their children. This is not allowed and creates a safety concern for the students who are walking from their neighborhood because there is no crossing guard in that area. The only crossing guard we have is at Audubon. Please know that our school resource officer who is also a Huntsville Police Officer has been called to that area and will be patrolling regularly for the safety of all of our students. Please do not drop off there.

All library books were due by Friday, May 7th, so please make sure all library books have been turned in.

For end of the year laptop collection, we will keep all traditional student's laptops and chargers at school on Thursday, May 20th. The students will not bring their devices home after May 20th. For HVA students, we will have a drop-off schedule much like the beginning of the year pick up on the last day of school, Friday, May 28th, and HVA parents can also pick up their child's report card at the same time.


May 28, 2021 - HVA Laptop Pick up Schedule to drop off devices and pick up report cards:

Kindergarten - 8:30-9:00

First Grade - 9:00-9:30

Second Grade - 9:30- 10:30

Third Grade 10:30-11:00

Fourth Grade - 11:00-12:00

Fifth Grade 12:00-1:00

Parents are welcome to drop off and pick up for their siblings as well so they only have to make one trip to the school that day.

As we continue to follow the ADPH toolkit guidelines, the current procedures that we have in place will continue through the end of the year. We will continue to wear masks and we are not hosting events to limit visitors to the building. We are planning celebrations for our students during the school day after testing is complete as well as other celebrations for the end of the year.

The Fifth Grade Bridging Celebration will occur on May 26th to be shared via zoom and also recorded for family members. We will host two separate times, the traditional student ceremony will begin at 8:30 a.m. and HVA student ceremony will begin at 9:45 a.m. Students will be seated in our cafeteria which can accommodate the students and provide social distancing as well. We will have a photographer take a picture of each student on the bridge and we will record via zoom so we can provide a link for families to watch at their convenience. We understand many families wanted to attend and are disappointed that this is not an option. Please remember that in elementary schools, our events occur during the school day and we must follow the ADPH toolkit guidelines which limit visitors to the building. We have to remember that the safety of our students and teachers is the priority while still having a ceremony. This format will be used across the district in other elementary schools as well.

Our PTA is also selling personalized yard signs for our 5th-grade students. I will add the information below or you can visit our school Facebook page or our Hampton Cove Elementary PTA Facebook page.

Our Virtual "K for a Day" video is now live on our school website. Please visit our school website and click on the link for "K for a Day" under the School News section. If you know of any families in your neighborhood who plan to attend HCES in the fall, please ask them to visit our school website or call the school to obtain registration information.

We have had several calls to the front office asking if I will accept teacher requests for next year. Please know that I am unable to accept parent requests for specific teachers because I can not guarantee any teacher/student placement. We have accepted environment requests in the past, however, this will not occur as we move forward. The only request I will take is if you have had experience with a teacher in the past and you wish to have a different teacher based on your personal experience. Our teachers love our students and work well to problem solve issues that may arise throughout the year. If you have an issue, we will work together for the good of our students. Parents who have been with us for a while know this about our school family.



  • May 20th - Traditional students will leave their laptops and chargers at school
  • May 21st - Friday Fun Day with extended recess and free icee from Kona Ice provided by HCES PTA and Glow Day in PE!
  • May 26th - 5th Grade Bridging Ceremony - 8:30 a.m. for traditional students, 9:45 for HVA students
  • May 28th - Last day of school; report cards sent home; HVA laptop collection (schedule is posted above)


Thank you all for your support,

Ms. Spivey