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Hawk News from the Principal

Hello HCES Family!

This week is TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK! Please thank your teachers this week and show them some love and appreciation. Here are a few ideas to celebrate our teachers:

  • Monday - Write a thank you letter or thank you note for your teacher!
  • Tuesday - Make a sign of appreciation (or draw a picture) to hold up during your zoom this week!
  • Wednesday - Create a list of the top 5 things you love about your teacher!
  • Thursday - Dress up like your teacher during your zoom meeting!
  • Friday - Make a wish for you teacher! What would you wish for your teacher?

BONUS idea to add to any day above: What was your favorite thing your teacher did this year?

These are all suggestions for celebrating our teachers this week!

Our HCES "K for a Day "virtual presentation is available on our school website under "School News". If you know of any upcoming Kindergartners in your neighborhood, please ask them to visit our school website at to view the presentation. We have plans to host something special for them once the social distancing is lifted. We hope to host something special for everyone once we are allowed to gather together again. :)

Your child's grades were ready for progress report view this past Friday, April 24th. If you have not viewed your child's grades and you need access to the iNOW portal, please email Ms. Teri at or Dr. Perkins at for your child's iNOW log in information.

Please continue to encourage your child to read and take their AR tests! We will still plan an AR celebration when we return to school!

Our Guidance Counselor, Ms. Lettrice Ward, is still working to support our families, so I wanted to provide her email and phone number if you or your children have questions or concerns. She is a great wealth of knowledge and can provide assistance as well.
Email: Phone: 256-384-4848

Our school family and the Hawk Hustle team really worked hard to support our school even though the event was canceled. Thank you for the many donations that were collected and we must thank everyone who worked on this committee. The prize winners were announced on the HCES Hawk Hustle Facebook site. Thank you for supporting our school!

Please know that we still have so many questions without answers at this time, however, our hearts are with our students as we know they have even more questions that will need answers. As soon as it is safe, and we have guidance that we are allowed back in the building, we will provide an opportunity for students to enter the building to collect their belongings. I am certain that all of us have items in our building that we would like in our possession but at this time, we are unable to retrieve these items. Please know that everything is locked away and safe.

Thank you for ensuring your child(ren) are submitting their assignments in a timely manner. This helps our teachers enter grades and keep things current in iNOW.

We are always here to support you! Please email me at if you need support or have questions or concerns. I miss all of you!

Thank you,
Ms. Spivey