HCS Literacy Efforts Overview

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Hawk News from The Principal 8/3

Hello HCES families,

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! We are super excited about seeing our students and parents!  

Our district has received new guidance for COVID procedures and was shared today. Masking is required while on campus. I am unable to approve any religious exemptions and the medical exemptions may take awhile to be approved. Until that time, masks are required for all inside our buildings. I understand this is not what any of us wanted for our children, however, our school faculty and staff have a job to do and we are working hard to make this school year the best ever. At this time, I need us to support each other and remember the affirmations that our students and staff recite daily, "I am kind. I am a problem solver. I can do hard things." We all want the best for our students each and every day. You all did a fabulous job last year and I know everyone will work together for the good of our children this year as well.

The Powerschools roll over and registration process has not been smooth and we appreciate our parents support and patience through this time. By now, hopefully you have all heard from your teachers and/or you have received your postcards. I am also aware there are some issues with the new communication platform, Blackboard. It seems Powerschools isn't playing nice and talking to Blackboard. I will continue to work out the issues as they arise.

HCES will provide afterschool tutoring for our students in grades K-5 from 2:30-4:30. We plan to send out tutoring confirmation to the families who have registered on Tuesday, so watch for an email!

I am very excited to announce that we will be working with Spoiled Rotten Photography next year! Spoiled Rotten Photography will provide fall and spring pictures, pictures for the yearbook, as well as other packages where parents can mix and match poses. We will still have class pictures in the spring and they will offer sessions for elective Christmas portraits. Their prices are very affordable and I think our parents will be pleased with this change. We will still provide parent information for the pictures (just as we have for Lifetouch) and if you prefer not to have school pictures with us, parents will need to "opt out". We will have more information during our orientation times. Fall pictures are scheduled for August 17th and 18th. More detailed information will be sent home soon.

The school supply list can be found on our school website. If you ordered school supplies from PTA, your child's order will be placed in their classroom. Your child will also receive a "Wednesday Folder" from HCES. Our teachers will send home any information, grade papers, flyers, etc. on Wednesday, so please make a habit of checking their backpacks on Wednesdays.

We want to welcome our new teachers who are joining us this year as well as those who are moving grade levels. Ms. Rice has moved back to teach third grade, Mrs. O'Brien is moving to fifth grade, and Ms. Maddox will continue teaching Kindergarten this year. Please help me welcome Brittany Hickerson and Jessica Buck to our third grade team, Lauren Haskins, Elizabeth Cochran, Ashlyn Whitten, and Jennifer Hayes to our first grade team, Hester Burdett to our PreK team, Ashley Gordey to our Collaborative team, and Joyce Eccleston will teach Art! We are excited for this school year and look forward to our orientations and meet and greets!

Thank you all for your support,

Ms. Spivey