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Hawk News from The Principal 9/12

Dear HCES Family,

  • I was out sick all of last week. If you sent me an email, I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you have a concern, please email me directly at I will not receive your email if you reply to this communication.
  • September is Attendance Awareness Month. Please help our school by ensuring your student is present unless there is an emergency or they are sick. We have received reports that students are being sent to school with the knowledge that they are unwell or have contagious infections. Please think of others prior to sending your sick student to school.
  • Monday and Tuesday we will host our VIP Lunch. Please coordinate with your teacher(s) if you have multiple students in our school. Please remind special guests to bring their ID as they will be required to scan it in Raptor prior to seeing students.
  • Please remember that Pre-K students should be walked into class by a parent/guardian because they must be signed in daily. All other students, K-5, should enter the school and go to class independently.
  • We have been successful in both drop-off and pick-up. This week, we completed drop-off prior to 8 am and pick-up has concluded by 3:00 pm. We are all excited about these accomplishments.
  • If you have both an HCES and an HCMS student and are in the car line prior to 2:35 pm, you may park in the HCMS car line, walk to the breezeway with your pick-up sign, and we will call your student to be dismissed. Upon their arrival, you can walk them back to your vehicle and wait for the HCMS car line to begin. We ask that if you are in line after 2:35 pm, you wait in the HCES line as usual. Thank you for your patience.
  • PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports) is a program we use to encourage positive behavior and going the extra mile. Over the past weeks, our teachers and students discussed positive behavior and provided examples across all settings. Students and teachers worked to set student goals on the amount of Hawk Honor students must earn to attend the quarterly PBIS celebrations. Students who are suspended in school or out of school (twice or a combination of each) will not be allowed to attend the quarterly celebration. Additionally, any level three infraction that is considered a safety concern will also result in losing the privilege of attending the quarterly celebration. The principal will make the final determination on who will not attend the celebration(s) based on the severity of the infraction. Each quarter, the goals are reset and we begin anew.
  • Please remember that safety and uninterrupted instruction are paramount to the success of all of our students. Parents and volunteers should not interrupt instruction or go to the classroom unless previously scheduled and escorted by the principal. Unexpected classroom visits are strictly prohibited and interrupt student and teacher focus. We love having parents and volunteers in the building, but please be reminded that there are protocols that ALL parents and volunteers must adhere to so that our teachers can best utilize their instructional time. Thank you in advance for understanding and your cooperation.
  • We appreciate all of the requests to volunteer to help our teachers. Each of our teachers has a different way of completing tasks. Teachers will reach out to their room parents if they need help with completing tasks. Please rest assured that student privacy is extremely important and parents/volunteers will not have access to student grades or information.
  • Please check our website, Facebook page, and the PTA Facebook page for updates.

    Thank you so much for your support,
    Dr. Perkins

Upcoming Events:

  • September 12 & 13 - VIP Lunch
  • September 19 - September 23 - Book Fair
  • September 27 - HCES Parent Data Meeting '22 @ 5:30 pm via Zoom
  • September 27 - Black and Red Day (HCMS vs McNair Football @ 6:30; PTA Family Night)
  • September 30 - E-Learning Day
  • October 3 - October 7 - Fall Break