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Hawk News from The Principal 9/13

Hello HCES families,

Our Scholastic Bookfair is this week and your teacher will let you know your child's class times.

There are many different scenarios that can occur with the exclusion policy, so I have tried to explain the questions we have encountered from parents below:

  • If your child has been exposed to a positive individual, we are sending home students to be excluded from class to watch for any signs or symptoms of Covid for 14 days. Your child can not test out of an exclusion. They could show symptoms within 14 days, so there is no way to test out of exclusion.
  • If you have multiple students here and only one was sent home for exclusion, the other children in your household do not have to stay home.
  • If you have a positive case in your home, we are asking that all members of your household stay home because of this exposure.
  • If your child exhibits two or more covid symptoms while here at school, your child will be sent home and there are two options in this case: 1. They can visit their doctor/provider and if a negative covid test is provided along with an alternate diagnosis, they will be able to return to school, but we have to have the alternate diagnosis. 2. Stay home in exclusion for 10 days. This is your choice as the parent.

Our cafeteria will be selling ice cream on Fridays, but we need our students to bring their money by Thursday of each week. Any student can purchase ice cream on Fridays for .75 cents, however, Ms. LaTonya has to know by Thursday if your child plans to buy ice cream. We have asked our teachers to gather this information on Thursday so the cafeteria has time to process our class orders for Friday. Please know that if you have placed a block on your child's EZPay account to NOT purchase snacks, they will be unable to provide ice cream for your child, so make sure you didn't set blocks on your child's account.

If your child has a birthday, you can purchase ice cream for the class to celebrate your child's birthday and it does not have to be on a Friday, however, Ms. LaTonya (our cafeteria manager) does need to know this in advance so she can place her ice cream order. I would contact your child's teacher and/or Ms. LaTonya a few days before the ice cream is needed. Her contact below as well as the EZ Pay website that can be found on the HCS website.

To find the EZ pay website, visit the HCS website, click on the parent tab and then click on Breakfast and lunch. Scroll down and you will see the EZ pay link.

Even though the HVA enrollment window has closed, there is a waiting list that I can send into the district. If you wish to move to HVA, please email me and I will add you to the waitlist for HVA. Also, I need you to tell me the reason you wish to move to HVA (health or other reason).

In an effort to keep our students and teachers healthy and safe, we have postponed the PTA Open House for late September. We have also postponed the duty-free lunches and the VIP Luncheon. The VIP Luncheon will be moved to the spring.

I will ask that we do not have visitors to lunch due to the fact that we are still rotating classes eating in the lunchroom. We are also asking that parent volunteers not enter the classrooms when students are present. Again, this is an effort to keep everyone safe and healthy and here at school! :)

If your child is out of school due to exclusion, please know the STAR testing window is open through Sept. 17th, so we will have time to ensure they are tested when they return.

Please continue to alert your child's teacher if your child or someone in your home is positive for COVID. Masking is required while on campus. If you or a member of your family are positive, we ask that you do not enter our building to pick up your children or their materials. Please call us if you need us to walk your children out to you. If you are positive and in quarantine, please send someone else to the school to pick up needed materials for your children. We are happy to work with you, please call us at 256-428-7180.

Please ensure your child's teacher knows how they will go home each and every day. If you tell them they are a bus rider, your child's teacher must know which bus they are to ride. Please share with your child's teacher. If you are a car rider, please make a sign with your child's name, grade, and teacher's name to place in the front dash of the car when you come for dismissal pick up. (I have added an example picture below.)This will help us to call their name and expedite the car rider line.

Mrs. Smotherman is our Afterschool Tutoring site facilitator and you can email her with any questions about Afterschool Tutoring.

The state has shared that our school menus may be a little different due to the supply chain shortage and staffing shortages experienced around the state. Please know there could be menu changes due to the delays in shipments and order changes. We will also postpone our VIP Luncheon to a later date in the spring.

We sent home the Powerschool parent portal information in Wednesday folders. This is where you can check your child's grades and absences.

I am very excited to have Dr. Sanchella Graham join our faculty as our Assistant Principal. Please welcome Dr. Graham. She has worked with HCS for the past 19 years and received her doctorate this past May in Instructional Leadership. We are so happy to have her join our school family

Thank you all for your support,

Ms. Spivey