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Huntsville Literary Association Winner

Congratulations to 4th grader, Winnie P, for winning 3rd place in the Huntsville Literary Association Upper Elementary Poetry Division of the 53rd annual Young Writers Contest.  As a 3rd place winner, Winnie won $40.00, and her poem will be published in a book.  Congratulations, Winnie!   Your HCES family is proud of YOU! 

Growing Into Me 
By: Winnie P.

When I was younger, I stood on boxes to be heard 

My voice was as loud as a baby bird 

As I grew older, I hoped to be brave 

But with each day that passed, I became more afraid 

Why is it me that cannot be 

Am I not worthy, am I not free to be me 

Let me stop the chatter inside my head 

I am going to be the best me instead 

I am powerful, I am loved, and I am kind 

I will not let my dreams be left behind 

An artist, a singer, or maybe a vet 

No matter the dream, it will be met 

You will see my name in blinking lights 

As I grow into me, I will bring forth my might 

I will change the world in a blink of an eye 

I will lift and support others until the day I die