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Parent Information Letter 8/31

Hello HCES family,

We received information Friday about the plan to return traditional students to school on September 14th with a staggered schedule. I have included the information below for ease of reference. We have been working with the middle and high school to ensure students in the same household have the same cohort in the Huntsville High School feeder pattern. Siblings will attend on the same days if you choose to send your children back to the building. Remember, this is a flexible plan in that you can still choose to continue remotely/virtually thorough the end of the first nine weeks which is October 23rd.

I will send more specific information before September 4th so you will know your child's cohort and other pertinent information. Please know your child's safety is most important. We will continue to practice social distancing while in the building which means our procedures will change slightly to be diligent. We ask that you encourage your child to follow their teacher's directions and maintain social distance as much as possible.

Instruction will continue daily and if your child is in the building, they will receive their instruction face to face with the teacher while the teacher continues teaching virtually as well and recording lessons. It will be important for students to continue their learning virtually on the days they are not in school. We will continue to ask you to communicate with your child's teacher and ensure all lessons are submitted on Sunday.

This week begins live lessons for Art, Music, ETA, Guidance, and Library. Students receive grades of G, S, N, or U and more information can be found below.

Some grade levels will begin assessments this week while others are scheduling the week after. We must ask that you not assist your child with their assessments. I have included a parent guide that has wonderful information. We use data to guide our instruction and create plans and goals for your child. If you assist by telling them the answer, our teachers will not have accurate information to teach your child. When it comes to assessments, the best help is no help when answering questions. We do ask that you assist them to set up their computer for testing and help them log in correctly.

I know you have questions and I hope to answer those in the information I send out prior to September 4th.

Ms. Spivey

Instruction and Flexibility:

Instruction is flexible and you have the ability to communicate with your child’s teacher to create a plan that works for your family and your schedules. HVA students will remain HVA for the entire semester and will not return to the school building when traditional/remote students return on September 14th. We have designated HVA teachers in each grade level who are only teaching our HVA students. The traditional/remote students were assigned teachers who will return when the students return.

All teachers will hold live learning lessons/meetings that are provided daily Monday - Friday in order to provide instruction to students who want to view the lessons and interact live with the teachers. Again, we are flexible with how you submit your child's assignments. We will also be working with our older students to ensure they become more independent, but again, this takes time as well.

Our teacher's schedule include PE and other specials classes and their schedules will be flexible for the first few weeks while we begin specials and assessments. We encountered a few glitches with PE last week, but we hope things will go smoothly this week.

Specials such as art, music, library, guidance, and ETA will begin the week of August 31st.


We will schedule our STAR assessments between August 31 - September 11. Your classroom teacher will share your child's date and time later this week. We use our assessments to guide our instruction, so we will ask that you do not assist your child during their assessments. It is very important that we get a true understanding of your child's strengths and needs. And remember, many students regress over the summer and the end of the year was not what we had planned, so we didn't get to assess in the spring. Our students have not seen this assessment in awhile and please know we will grow your child to help them reach and exceed their growth goals.

Daily live lessons or recorded lessons:

Teachers are required to teach and record daily live lessons for instruction. After the lesson is taught, teachers upload the recorded lesson. As an HVA student/parent or traditional/remote student/parent, you may choose to opt-out of the daily live lessons your teacher provides. You can choose to view the recordings at a time that is convenient for your family and work on the assignments on your own time, at your own pace. You may choose not to follow the teacher’s daily schedule. This is all your choice. For example, you may choose to join the reading live lesson, but watch the math on your own and complete the lessons on your own. The two main parts of the HCS Virtual Attendance Policy (inserted below) state that you must communicate with your child’s teacher and turn in assignments on time. Parents have asked how we take attendance daily. We may not take attendance daily for your child because you may communicate with your child’s teacher that you are planning to view Monday’s recorded lessons on Tuesday and work a day behind everyone else. This is a perfectly good option. It may be too difficult for your child to complete lessons at night when they are tired. If you work a day behind, your teacher will understand. Or, you may choose to work ahead once our teachers get assignments uploaded. All we ask is that you communicate what might work best for your family and turn in the assignments by Sunday each week. Again, we are flexible. What works for your family one week may change for the next week. Grades do not begin until week 3. These first two weeks are all about learning how to navigate the virtual learning platforms and building a relationship with your teacher while reviewing standards and getting back into the swing of learning.

PE and specials (art, music, guidance, ETA, library):

PE will be live daily for each grade level, however, if a teacher is absent (we are human and things come up), you will have a recorded lesson to view. You may watch live or view the lesson at a later time or day. Art, music, and guidance will occur for students every other week. Their lessons will also be live but they will provide the link for their recorded lesson as well. ETA will be weekly and follow the same procedure of uploading the lesson after the live instruction. Library will occur weekly for grades K-2 and every other week for grades 3-5.

Grades will be a G for good, S for satisfactory, N for needs improvement, and U for unsatisfactory.


We hope to receive the Kindergarten devices this week, there was a delay in the shipment. We will let you know as soon as possible. Thank you to our K parents and teachers for being patient.

We will be collecting the $35 fee for all Kindergarten.

Mrs.Ellett is our school media specialist, so if you have issues with your device or it needs repair, please email Mrs. Ellett at

The procedure for fixing a device is to alert Mrs. Ellett and she will determine your needs.

Student Breakfast and Lunch:

Students will be able to pick up breakfast and lunch at Hampton Cove Elementary. Breakfast and lunch will be served in a drive-through style between 11:00 a.m. -12:30 p.m. in front of the middle school (by the bull). Students may qualify for free or reduced breakfast and lunch. The forms to apply are available online at HCS. All other students must have funds in their school account. Money can be applied to your child’s account online at The cost of each meal is listed below:

Breakfast: $1.50 Lunch: $2.65

I hope this information is helpful, but please email me if I can be of assistance. We are here to support you. We love our HCES families! The best part of our day is seeing their faces! You are also welcome to contact the school with any questions or concerns that you may have at (256) 428 – 7180, or you may speak with your child’s teacher. We are looking forward to a great week of learning!